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Why Australia for Clinical Trials

Why Australia For Clinical Trials?

Why Not? The hardest part about placing your clinical trials in Australia is the decision to consider Australia in the first place. Stepping outside a [...]
Reducing Study Complexity to Minimise Cost and Burden of Clinical Trials

Reducing Study Complexity To Minimise Cost And Burden Of Clinical Trials

Reducing Clinical Trial Cost, Complexity & Burden It’s no secret. Clinical trials are getting more complicated and this is driving up the cost of developing [...]
Statistical Integrity as an Essential Part of Adaptive Clinical Trials

Statistical Integrity As An Essential Part Of Adaptive Clinical Trials

Although there are many obstacles that need to be overcome to take an investigational therapeutic successfully through to regulatory approval, the vast majority of issues [...]
Genome Variations in the Design of Informed Clinical Trials

Genome Variations In The Design Of Informed Clinical Trials

Although pharmacogenetics is a relatively new field of study, it has already made a significant contribution to the standard treatment options for several common cancers. [...]
Phase 1 Studies, Efforts to Speed Up Drug Development

Phase 1 Studies, Efforts to Speed Up Drug Development

Starting a phase 1 trial can be exciting and nerve-racking, especially for First Time in Human studies. In most cases, Phase 1 trials are the [...]
Focus on Subject Recruitment

Focus On Subject Recruitment

Southern Star Research recognises that a successful trial is always dependent on timely subject recruitment. To achieve this we focus on feasibility, investigator identification, site [...]