Bushcare Volunteer Program

Southern Star Research has a strong interest in protecting our environment. One way to make an active difference is the contribution our volunteers make to the local Bushcare program. This program is dedicated to preserving and protecting the local bushland.  It is managed by the local Council as volunteers work to conserve habitat for native animals, remove exotic weeds and protect stream banks from erosion.

 Environmental Policy

Southern Star Research is committed to supporting environmentally sound practices in all aspects of our business.  We will lead by example, in particular, by environmentally sustainable practices in our workplace and activities.

Southern Star Research will achieve this by;

Understanding the environmental impacts and nature of our work activities

Being willing to change the way we do business, where appropriate

Making sure that all staff and contractors are aware of the environmental expectations of the company

Complying with all relevant Commonwealth and State/Territory environment legislation, as well as any other applicable requirements;

Provide an environmentally sound workplace, and progressively implement a range of environmentally sound work practices

Continually identify, promote and strive to approach best practice in environmental management systems and operations

Influencing events we support through our sponsorships to be carbon neutral and low waste

Exploring opportunities for improved environmental awareness within our relationship with stakeholders

We will endeavor to continually reduce our environmental footprint by;

Purchasing office items with waste avoidance and waste reduction goals

Aim towards a zero waste to landfill strategy, through a Reuse, Recycle and Reduce philosophy

Minimising our use of natural resources, such as water

Keep the production of greenhouse gases to a minimum by using energy efficient products and technologies in the office.

Education and training staff to work in an ecologically sound manner to reduce their work and personal lifestyle impacts.

Southern Star Research will continually monitor, promote and strive to approach best practice in environmental management systems and operations.