Global Coverage

Southern Star Research can provide a smooth and seamless Global Coverage for multinational clinical trials.

In addition to our own staff based throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, we have established a number of strategic alliances with other CROs around the world.  The resultant global network of CROs can provide experienced clinical trial support for our Customer’s in North America, Europe, South America and Asia.

The companies selected for our network are known to focus on quality, professional and timely service delivery. They can be relied upon on to meet our Customer’s expectations and consistently deliver an excellent product.

These companies can operate to a single set of core SOPs, giving clients assurance that the clinical trials conducted in multiple countries will be performed to the same high standard.

Feasibility studies can be conducted in the first instance to demonstrate the viability of clinical trials in a particular region, thereby providing an initial indication of the trial’s likely success.  Southern Star Research can coordinate the feasibility process in multiple regions, if required.