When engaging Southern Star Research our Customers can draw on a wealth and depth of experience. Each and every team member has been selected for their clinical research experience, their therapeutic area experience, and of course their ability to provide good customer service.  On average our clinical staff have over 14 years clinical research experience.

Our staff have experience working with pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and CRO companies.

The therapeutic areas listed below reflect the experience of our staff.

● Allergy
● Anaesthesia
● Cardiovascular
● Dermatology
● Endocrinology
● Gastroenterology
● Haematology
● Infectious Disease
● Medical Devices
● Neurology


● Oncology
● Pain
● Paediatric
● Phase 1
● Psychiatry
● Radiopharmaceuticals
● Respiratory
● Rheumatology
● Sexual Health
● Surgical
● Urology